Wholesale Account Application

If you are looking to stock our delicious and inventive products in your store we would love to hear from you. No order is too big or small wholesale clients can order as little or as much as they want. We can create:

  • Custom products based on your ideas. Such as chocolate bars containing things that you make such as sweets or alcohol.
  • Own branded products. Some of our products can include your corporate branding. Ingredients labels on these products will contain our website, this is a mandatory requirement for packaging labels.
  • Unbranded products without packing. This is great if you have your own packaging and do not want to pay the extra cost of our packing. Ideal for larger orders. Please note we do not normally allow orders with ONLY unbranded or own branded items. In these cases we ask that you stock at least 1 branded item of your choice.
  • Packaged products with our branding. Almost all our products are available to wholesale clients ready to be stocked straight onto the shelf with best before dates and labelling requirements.

You must have a standard account with us to apply. If successful this account will be upgraded to a wholesale account.

We must verify you are a high quality specialist food retailer or other Independent retailer through:

  1. A Google places, maps or listing AND
  2. A website OR
  3. Two current and active social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram, google+) OR
  4. Other means

Large one off corporate orders may qualify for a bulk discount but will be considered separate to wholesale customers.

When we approve your application we will upgrade your account allowing you to view wholesale product pages.  This is usually a very quick process but can be delayed during busy times (Christmas, Valentines day, Easter, Mother’s day and Halloween).

Thank you,

Everyone at The Chocolate Quarter