JQ Open Studios 2016

This year Tina Francis approached us with a “proposition”. Her idea, to open our doors and show people how we make our chocolates by participating in #JQOpenStudios (sponsored by JQBID), a trail that winds through the narrow and historic streets of the Jewellery Quarter giving people a look at what they would never have otherwise seen.

Being the only true handmade artisan chocolatiers outside of London we were initially sceptical. We have always maintained secrecy around our work and skills, but with all of her energy, organisation and enthusiasm, we could not say no.

As this is our first year we have decided to go in with a splash. We will specially open Saturday 23rd from 11:30 – 16:00

  1. FREE Chocolate Samples for anyone that comes in and says they are “here for the open Studios thing”
  2. Demonstrations on how to make chocolate from cocoa nibs BY HAND!!!
  3. Demonstrations on how to make fill and dip chocolate truffles
  4. Make your own chocolate lollipops for only £5 all day
  5. Traditional intense Aztec style hot chocolate. Made the traditional way with water. Impromptu talk about why it is better with water Guarantee!
  6. Multiple impromptu talks about anything you look at. We get a little excited about chocolate!

So why not come round and take a peek behind the curtains?

UPDATE: 01/08/2016

So #JQOpenStudios is now over and it was a spectacular success. There was a huge turnout of people interested in what we do and how we do it right from when we arrived to open up, we did not even have time to open the blinds! When people got us started talking, well, there was no stopping us. We had so much fun and just want to thank all our existing loyal customers and all the new customers who have joined us. We promise you will not want to go back to “factory” chocolates now.

Thanks again and please enjoy the pictures of the day below.