FREE Coffee & 10% OFF Any Order

Free coffee when you do the following for the first time; create an account with us, add us on facebook, add a picture & follow us on instagram, join us on google plus and tweet & follow us on twitter.

If you are instore you will receive our social media card (when avaliable) where we will record your accepted social media activities (see below). When you have done 4 of the above you will become eligible for unlimited free coffee with your card and a free gift sent to your door. Do all 5 for a massive 10% OFF voucher on any order.

Subject to your ability to demonstrate your own appropriate and relevant social media engagement. We recommend associating your social media account with your Chocolate Quarter Account so that we know who is posting and no one else can claim your posts. You can email us a screen shot as evidence of posting with an associated account. You can also just email us the date, time and username you used when posting as long as it is associated with your account.

Posts must have relevance to The Chocolate Quarter and must be appropriate. Staff decisions regarding account ownership, relevance and appropriateness of posts are final. Please ensure when posting you also join, follow or subscribe to our respective feeds to be eligible.

Subject to change or discontinuation without notice, subject to availability. No alternatives to the coffee offered permitted, available in store only.  Discount voucher valid for 1 month on any order some product restrictions apply, no cash value.